This site was developed by, the New York Personal Injury Law firm of Flanzig and Flanzig, LLPIt is our goal to provide a worldwide platform that allows bike crash victims and bike crash witnesses a simple and easy way to find each other after a crash. By simply posting on the site; or from the scene via Twitter, a user can post information about a crash they witnessed or a crash they were involved in. The witness and victim can now connect instantly.

The site first appeared as a simple WordPress page launched in December 2012. Knowing we can do better, we reached out to Rent-A-Geek, LA  to help us redesign the site. The site now offers a simple to use and easy to access platform to be used anywhere in the world including on a street, from a bike lane, or even at your desk. Remember, “If you see something, tweet something” and help cyclists protect cyclists.


Why this site?

The concept arose after our firm noticed the inability of our cycling clients to find a witness after a crash. The crash victim may have been able to only obtain a first or partial name, an incorrect phone number, or was so severely injured they were unable to ascertain any information after the event. We also started to notice an increase in the failure of the police to properly investigate the crash and obtain witness information. Although our client knew there was a “witness”, they could never ascertain their identity. This site now allows the opportunity for the victim and witness to find each other minutes, days or weeks after the crash.  A sort of “missed encounters” for bike crash victims and bike crash witnesses. We also hope this site will assist the police and other agencies around the world in finding witnesses to crashes and help crash victims and their families obtain justice.

Bike Crash Victims

If you were a bike crash victim, provide enough information so that a witness can identify your crash and make it possible for the witness to find you. Location, time, and details are important.

Bike Crash Witnesses

If you witnessed a crash, search the database for the location and date of the crash. If no crash was reported, submit a report. The victim may be looking for you!


Remember this site is an open forum. Be careful when providing personal information. This site is not monitored for accuracy of the reports or the identity of its users. Crashes are not verified by Police Reports or other data.


Remember, always report a crash to the Police or other Authority!